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Unique lighting concepts for outdoor spaces — the ALVA series
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Unique lighting concepts for outdoor spaces — the ALVA series
A bollard light with a DALI networking option as well as integrated motion and light sensor technology. A house number light with optional motion detector and switch input, which can also be used as a wall or ceiling light without numerals. Plus up-/downlights that bring new life and a special touch to every exterior wall, thanks to an array of light beams and two light halos that are integrated into the housing. The variants in the ALVA series offer a wide range of options to create unique lighting concepts in outdoor spaces. In addition to their external qualities, they also boast impressive durability thanks to high-quality LEDs, and their robust aluminium housing featuring a lotus effect.

For intelligent pathways...
The ALVA series
LED bollard lights
The ALVA series up-/down lights
The ALVA wall, ceiling and house number lights
Thanks to the optionally integrable DALI interface, the ALVA bollard lights allow the effects achieved inside a building to be brought outside: Intelligent light control that produces the right lighting mood for any occasion thanks to individual scenes. When the bollard light is additionally equipped with a DALI motion detector, automatic, demand-oriented control of entire rows of lights is also made possible. This functionality enhances safety and comfort — as well as saving energy. Furthermore, the bollard light is equipped with an impressive solid housing and excellent, glare-free light!
Building facades are not always an attractive eye-catcher. Often, they lack a special touch — that certain aesthetic something that can never be achieved through simple illumination. The perfect task for ALVA up-/down lights: With their rays of light cast upwards and downwards, these lights create a fascinating light effect on all external walls, while the two lights that are integrated into the housing finish off the overall appearance to spectacular effect. As a result, façades can finally be made attractive — and buildings can receive the final touches to achieve a timeless, modern elegance.
House numbers can not only be made to light up, they can also be intelligent — especially if they are called ALVA! We have integrated an optional motion detector that not only guarantees exceptional energy efficiency, but also enhances the functionality of the lights with a helpful orientation light feature and a twilight switch function. Thanks to a corresponding input, the user can also use an intelligent button to manually switch between different operating modes — not to mention that the ALVA lights can be also used purely as wall or ceiling lighting without numerals.

Water and dirt bounces right off.

The ALVA lights are powder-coated for a unique, dirt-repellent lotus effect. Even graffiti doesn't have a chance.

For impressive facades.

The up-/downlights' tapered light beams and two integrated light halos add a special touch to exterior walls.

Keeping an eye on demand.

Thanks to an integrated motion detector, the lights illuminate only when needed. An orientation light feature and twilight switch function are also included.

When toughness is a duty.

Thanks to the die-cast aluminium or extruded profile and high protection-type values, the ALVA series is extremely robust and durable.

Для правильной организации освещения.

Ландшафтные светильники предлагаются также с углом излучения 180°. При установке можно отрегулировать светильник так, чтобы поток света был направлен в нужном вам направлении.

Variety of looks.

Available in various sizes and colours: 540 mm or 940 mm, white or anthracite.

Individual light management for demand-driven scene control

To harness the entire potential of outdoor lighting, a well-thought-out light management concept is needed. After all, an intelligent control system is the only way in which users can create lighting moods that are tailored to their requirements. This result is extremely simple to achieve if the lights are interconnected.

For this purpose, ESYLUX relies on DALI in particular. DALI optimises the dimming behaviour of LEDs, can be integrated easily via a gateway into higher-level building systems such as KNX, and enables the creation of individual light scenes. As the ALVA bollard lights can be optionally fitted with a DALI electronic ballast, they can easily be used to make individual concepts a reality.
If the lights also feature a motion detector, they can automatically control their own light or the light of entire lighting groups as required. When a person approaches, the interconnected lights switch on simultaneously, and switch off again once the person has left. It does not matter which direction the person approaches from — meaning that the light consumes energy only when it is really needed.

Using the DALI switch from ESYLUX, the bollard light can even control devices that are not DALI-compatible. This feature is made possible because the switch can be used to integrate conventional devices into a DALI system, which can then be switched on or off at the touch of a button or depending on whether motion is detected. Products offering this functionality include the ALVA up-/downlights and the house number lights. As a result, energy-efficient operation is always guaranteed.

What's more, the motion detector that can be optional integrated into the bollard lights and house number lights adds a number of additional convenient functions: When required, it can provide a pleasant orientation light for a feeling of security. Furthermore, the twilight switch function means that the user can set the lighting to switch on or off depending on the brightness of the surroundings.

Light quality

Light is an indispensable resource and a giver of life — an existential energy source for people. That is why for ESYLUX, people's needs and requirements are the measure of all things when it comes to the development of high-quality lighting. Whenever and wherever the sun's rays are not sufficient, we can create an alternative to complement or adequately replace them with our LED solutions by combining the highest quality of light with intelligent, energy-efficient technology. Our expertise in electronics and automation, which has grown through many years' experience in product development, forms the perfect basis for these solutions — which meet even the most complex requirements while always remaining user-friendly.


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